Dear Ms. Leading,

I regret to inform you I've fallen out of lust.
It must be so hard to understand.
Did you really think me a fool enough to play along?
And make believing everything you said was true
Push your pouting lips on other unsuspecting lovers

The Dear Hunter


Moving Mountains

Despite my self-awareness, I let myself slip deeper into the darkest crevices of my mind.
The kinds of corners that will swallow you whole if you're not careful.
The kinds of darkness that CPR might not drag you out of.

I know I'm falling.
I know when it started and I know what might save me.
The thing is- I don't think I truly want to be saved from this.
I like who I've become.
Maybe it's just stubbornness.
Or determination to not abandon everything I stand for like I have so many times before this.
My concentration has left me and my concept of time is fucked for good.
I let everything rush passed me. And I don't care. Things are too fast-paced for the state I'm in anyway.

Gossip Girl is on soon.

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