Dear Ms. Leading,

I regret to inform you I've fallen out of lust.
It must be so hard to understand.
Did you really think me a fool enough to play along?
And make believing everything you said was true
Push your pouting lips on other unsuspecting lovers

The Dear Hunter


For my creative writing class, we are assigned to write a ten line poem that is formatted like a pyramid.

Since I'm feeling infuriated right now, I can't exactly concentrate on writing the poem on "change."

So here's a different one.

Fuck off.
I hate you.
I did like you.
I gave you another chance.
Thinking about this makes me squirm.
Your problem was never mine to solve.
So spend your days running away from reality.
Did everything I could in a situation like this.
The worst part's that you do know what you did.

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