Dear Ms. Leading,

I regret to inform you I've fallen out of lust.
It must be so hard to understand.
Did you really think me a fool enough to play along?
And make believing everything you said was true
Push your pouting lips on other unsuspecting lovers

The Dear Hunter


"Things suck. But they won't always suck."

As I sit in a terribly hot computer lab on campus, bullshitting around on the internet and listening to math rock, I realize that everything is going to be okay.

This wave of strange optimism is taking over my thought process and I'm completely surrendering to it.

Never mind that I'm currently being dishonest about something.
Never mind that things could be better.

The Fall of Troy "Act One, Scene One" is in my ears and I couldn't be more content.

Well, maybe if this lab were actually air conditioned and it wasn't over 80 degrees in April I'd be smiling instead of sweating, trying not to sweat.

A french man spent some time with me on Friday night at the bar and then politely walked me home at three in the morning. His name was Tomas. I chain smoked and talked about my feelings about a boy I like. But the boy I like doesn't like me. He likes drugs.

That's all I'm going to type about for now.
Thinking about this... I just got terribly sad all over again.

"So it goes."
So. It. Goes.

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